DIY Organic Pest Repellant [Infographic]

DIY Organic Repellant [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Ants in your kitchen sink. Ticks inside your sock. Mosquitoes going BZZZZZ in your ear at 4 a.m.

Summer brings many wonderful things, but bugs aren’t one of them. And for many, summer can feel like an endless battle against creatures that would love nothing more than to bite or sting.

So, Garage Cabinets has put together this guide below to help you repel and get rid of such pests — without harmful chemicals:

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How to get rid of spiders from your home [infographic]

Brought to you by Anglian Home’s Good to be Home

Staggering amounts of the UK population are scared of spiders. Through old wives tales, stories and films that vilify them- especially the giant, non-existent ones- we have found ourselves in eternal battle with a very small and specific group of insects. Why? It’s not our place to ask that now. We can only help you remove them without removing your conscience.

If you know a friend who reaches for the nearest nuke/flamethrower at the sight of an arachnid, be sure to let them know of the more humane ways to get rid of them.

In a perfect world we’d be celebrating spiders – joining forces with them, even, to get rid of all the flies. We all know they’re the real villains.


If you truly care about doing this humanely, be careful with those vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming a spider is only humane if that spider is a thrill-seeker with very strong limbs. And spiders aren’t capable of thrill-seeking tendencies.