Creative uses for Leftover Wallpaper [Infographic]

The most interesting ideas are often born by mistakes. While cleaning, maybe you have found a large amount of things that you don’t even know why you keep them, for example: a half or just pieces of wallpaper that is still left over from a last renovation?

Well, if that is your case, this guide can help you design something very creative out of it. Here are 11 creative ideas for leftover wallpaper that are also easy to make by yourself.

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Reusing plastic bags (liners) from cereal


Reuse Wax Package Liners
Reuse Wax Package Liners
Cut, clean cereal bags ready to use. They’re sturdy, easy to clean and you can use them over and over.
Recycled Cereal box liner iron infused plastic- sewn into gift bags
Use cereal bag to cover leftovers

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