Recipe: Red Berries Smoothie

Red Berries Smoothie | ecogreenlove

All you need are some berries (or any fruit of your preference) and yoghurt. Add some crushed ice, mix and enjoy!

eat good, feel good | ecogreenlove

Recipe: Avocado & Banana Smoothie


I had never imagined Avocado would taste so good into something sweet. But here it is!

Eat Good, Feel Good!

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No Recipe needed: Cranberry Lemonade


(a.k.a. Pink lemonade)
No recipe needed! Just squeeze some lemons, add stevia or your favourite natural sweetener and add cranberry juice as much as you like

Cheers to a great week!

Recipe: Citrus Water with Cucumber, Mint and Redcurrants

IMG_3944.JPGRecipe: Add grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, redcurrants, mint leaves (amounts on taste). Slice the fruit and add them to ice water, easy as that! (if you want you can add some stevia as edulcorant)

Hope you have a refreshing start into the week!

Recipe: Watermelon Water

20140804-112038-40838993.jpgGet the Original recipe here

For the hot summer days, this will be the refreshing drink you will want to have.
Have a great week!

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