Can you live without processed food? (+Week meal plan)

By Helen Briggs for BBC News

Can you live without processed food? (+Week meal plan) | ecogreenlove
Cakes and doughnuts are forbidden but not all processed food is a bad thing

The white stuff you sprinkle on your food is back in the headlines. Whether it’s salt or sugar, it seems many of us may be consuming too much. So how easy is it to live without processed food for a week? Helen Briggs finds out.

“Processed foods aren’t always a bad thing but this does highlight the importance of clear food labels.”
– Victoria Taylor: Senior Dietician, British Heart Foundation

Normal week

  • Breakfast: Banana
  • Lunch: Salad with tuna
  • Supper: Scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast
  • Snacks: Apple, dates, oatcakes and cheese

No processed food week

  • Breakfast: Home made porridge
  • Lunch: Salad of rocket, beetroot, egg and cucumber
  • Supper: Salad of rocket, lentils, cucumber
  • Snacks: Two bananas, handful of nuts, grapes

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5 natural solutions avoiding treating depression via @naturalsociety

3Wednesdays20131113-214525.jpgAre you living a depressed and stressed lifestyle? There is no doubt that our fast-paced days in which many are living pay check to pay check are a big contributor to these negative feelings. Some statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that 1 in 10 American adults report depression, but everyone experiences some level of depression at some point in their lifetime. Luckily, there are natural solutions for avoiding and treating depression. The best part? These tips could not only make you a happier person, but also a healthier person.

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