How to select, prepare, store and preserve Sage [Infographic]

Sage is a prevalent herb used worldwide in cooking and herbal medicine. Whether you opt for the fresh or dried form, sage adds a warm, pine-like flavor with hints of rosemary and citrus to any dish.

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Root Cellar Storage [Infographic]

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Preserve the Harvest in a Root Cellar | ecogreenlove
Buried Treasure: Preserve the Harvest in a Root Cellar
Infographic by CustomMade

Imagine eating homegrown cabbage, beets, potatoes, onions, carrots, apples, and other produce on a winter evening, without the use of canning or refrigeration. Before home refrigerators, this scenario was commonplace thanks to the low-tech root cellar.

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DIY: Fall Decorations

Autumn is nearly here! What I love about FallĀ is the cozy indoor weather, having cups of tea and watching the colourful leavesĀ covering the ground. But apart from leaves, there are someĀ other stuff falling from trees like pinecones, Kastanien (chestnuts) and acorns, which are great to collectĀ them for home/office decoration, donā€™t you think? And well, even if they donā€™t fall from trees, but is the major icon for Fall: Pumpkins!Ā Below there are ideas which I hope they inspire you using dry leaves, pinecones,Ā chestnuts, acorns, pumpkins and even seasonal fruits (crafts you can do with/for your Kids, as well!)

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DIY Fall Decorations with Nature | ecogreenloveĀ DIY: Home decorations for Autumn/Fall | ecogreenloveĀ Reusing natural Dry Leaves for decorations

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How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer [Infographic]

How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer  | ecogreenlove

by the team atĀ Serenata Flowers

You have just received a beautiful bouquet. It looks stunning in vase next to the window, but you wonder what happens after few days.Ā The flowers will fade away and your joy will only last a few days. Good news is there are simple tricks you can use toĀ prolong the life of your blooms.

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