25 Ideas to Upcycle Plastic Eggs

25 Ideas to Upcycle Plastic Eggs | ecogreenlove

What to do with those plastic containers after eating the chocolate and assembling the toy inside? ๐Ÿฅš

Although we do not recommend the consumption of this product, here are just some of the best and most creative ideas we found around to repurpose the plastic eggs afterwards:

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Reusing Easter Plastic Eggs

Reusing Easter Plastic Eggs | ecogreenlove

[Updated: April 2019]

“Once all the colourful plastic Easter eggs are found and opened, what do you do with them? If you’re not keen on keeping them in storage till next year, there are plenty of things you can use them for. From crafts to games to new toys, check out all the amazing things you and your little ones can create using these Easter trinkets.” โ€“ย Leah Rocketto

Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic (Kinder) Eggs | ecogreenlove
Toothbrush Case
When traveling, you can keep your toothbrush well protected from dust and dirt by cutting a hole in the bottom of the capsule with a utility knife. Slide the toothbrush head-first through the hole and close the capsule.
Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic (Kinder) Eggs | ecogreenlove
Lollipop Holder
To make a lollipop holder out of the plastic capsule, all you have to do is drill a hole in the bottom and the capsule will become a storage container for your sucker, meaning you can carry it around lint-free and save the rest for later.
Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic (Kinder) Eggs | ecogreenlove
Shoe Deoodorizer
empty teabags for loose tea, funnel, spoon, baking soda, stapler, Kinder Surprise Egg capsule, thumbtack Fill the teabag with a few teaspoons of baking soda. Place the sealed teabag in the capsule and pierce the capsule several times with a thumbtack so the deodorizer can take effect. Make sure to replace the baking soda every so often for the full effect [Source]
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