A Guide to Produce Ripening [Infographic]

Originally Published on Lunds and Byerlys Blog

Everyone wants the produce they select to be the finest available and conditioned to the perfect texture and flavour. We strive to fulfil that desire for top produce on our shelves every day.

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Foods you can grow from kitchen scraps via Homesteading


Apple: http://bit.ly/92fKNG
Ginger: http://bit.ly/leVit5
Pineapple: http://bit.ly/MGOeFi
Romaine: http://bit.ly/13K9Ghb
Garlic Chives: http://bit.ly/JnNaRc
Garlic Bulbs: http://bit.ly/YAJRgi
Onion: http://bit.ly/bSewVO
Basil: http://exm.nr/LZNNFU
Peppers: http://bit.ly/Mxtl8
Sweet Potatoes: http://bit.ly/10QT4ch
Pumpkin: http://bit.ly/WxJM12
Celery: http://bit.ly/yisbpy
Avocado: http://bit.ly/2GtmTp