Winter Storage: Keeping Your Harvest All Year Round [Infographic]

Written by Abby Quillen, Published on

Our ancestors built root cellars, underground structures that kept food at a consistently cold temperature year round. Depending on individual needs, it may be worth building a root cellar or another type of food storage system if you don’t have ideal conditions to store winter crops. But before you start digging or building, it’s important to assess whether the chosen dwelling – probably a garage, shed, basement, cellar, or unheated room – already provides the ideal conditions for storing some food.

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A Guide to Produce Ripening [Infographic]

Originally Published on Lunds and Byerlys Blog

Everyone wants the produce they select to be the finest available and conditioned to the perfect texture and flavour. We strive to fulfil that desire for top produce on our shelves every day.

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All about Pears [Infographic]

A perfectly ripe pear can be the best things in the world to eat. The flesh is creamy, smooth, and sweet, and the juices so abundant they run down your chin. Their fragrance and flavor makes them a fall and winter favorite in desserts ranging from the elegant poached pear to more homey cobblers and crisps. It also has more savory uses: as part of a cheese course, sliced in a green salad, and paired with pork roasts. Pears come in a variety of sizes, with Seckels among the smallest and Bartletts among the largest; their colors range from yellow to tan to red as well.

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