[Pictures] Plastic waste in Pacific Ocean washed up on Hawaii beach

[Pictures] Plastic waste in Pacific Ocean washed up on Hawaii beach | ecogreenlove
Photograph: Sophie Thomas

“Plastics are now one of the most common pollutants of ocean waters worldwide. Pushed by winds, tides and currents, plastic particles collect with other debris and merge into large swirling accumulation zones, known to oceanographers as gyres.”

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Plastic in our Oceans [Infographic]

Plastic in our Oceans [Infographic]by Custom Made

Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans
From food storage to furniture—we use plastic for everything. In 2008 alone 245 million tons of plastic were produced. These plastics often find there way into our waterways. Every year 6.4 million tons are dumped into the ocean. Many marine wildlife are injured or killed from plastic consumption.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of marine debris in the north Pacific Ocean. It spans all the way from the west coast of North America to Japan. Patches of the GPGP are made entirely of tiny bits of plastic. Countries like Ireland and Bangladesh are banning or charging a tax on plastic bags to try and cut down on our plastic use. Learn more about this growing environmental concern and what you can do.

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