Pray for Nepal and Help

UPDATE 12.05.2015:
Second huge earthquake hits Nepal with a magnitude of 7.1 just 2 weeks after the first earthquake with major consequences. Please help donating on the following official links!

UNICEF • Doctors Without Borders • Global Giving

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May Seasonal Food [Infographic]

“Now that the weather is a bit warmer, many of us are thinking about getting outdoors to enjoy the spring air and sunshine.

May offers a welcome chance to get out there and be active, whether it’s by taking a walk with friends (good for the body and the soul!), enjoying a bike ride or — depending on the temperatures where you live — taking a refreshing dip in the nearest body of water.

All of those activities require fuel, which can come from eating healthy foods — particularly the fruits and vegetables that are at their peak this time of year.”

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Gardening in May [Infographic]

Gardening May Infographic | ecogreenlove

“Finally warm temperatures are here to stay and you don’t have to worry about that frost. You may think it’s too late to grow all your favourite vegetables from seed but warm May temperatures have made the soil perfect for sowing seeds. Warm soil will allow for fast germination and growing plants. Good choices are summertime kitchen garden staples like squash, beans, cucumbers and melons.”

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