Foods You Thought Were Healthy

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You thought you were eating healthy. Talked to some doctors, friends, or perhaps even did some research online. The number of processed foods you have bought steadily declined, but you still do not feel your optimal best.

A lot of products that have been advertised as being “healthy” are actually sabotaging your health and overall well-being. These products contain GMOs, chemical fillers, colourings, high sodium and refined sugar content as well as high levels of saturated and trans fat. Getting your health food information from TV or radio talk shows, or relying on your doctor or magazines to tell you what you should be eating probably isn’t your best bet.

Taking responsibility for your own health, and doing your own research is the only way you can be certain that the food you are putting in your body isn’t toxic. Eating fresh, whole foods like organic & local fruit and vegetables is quite simple in this respect because you know what is in your food, and don’t need to put much thought into it (hence, why I like to promote a high raw vegan diet devoid of any and all processed foods).

Find out why these perceived “healthy” food choices aren’t as nutritious as you thought:

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