How To fix Leaky Faucet [Video]

We all have great ambitions to do the greatest impact on the environment we can. Sometimes doing the little things, very well can make a huge difference, when you multiply them across an entire population. Can’t afford that solar array you’ve been dreaming about? Start Shopping local. Keep your water off while brushing your teeth. Here is a simple plumbing fix you should consider: Finally fixing that annoying leaky faucet. Watch this simple “How To” video courtesy of our friends at Mendel Plumbing.

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How to create an Eco Friendly Bathroom [SlideShare]

How to create an Eco Friendly Bathroom [SlideShare] | ecogreenlove

The amount of energy and water used in a bathroom is ridiculous. Creating an eco friendly bathroom can not only help the environment, but it can also help your wallet. Decreasing your water usage is key, because most of the water used in your bathroom goes to waste. The following is a quick guide on how to create an eco friendly bathroom.

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DIY: Tap/Faucet Extension

A while ago I noticed the faucet of the bath had a leak. After calling the plumber I used a juice carton box with some thread hanging from the faucet, but since the dropping was quite often (and the carton didn’t have enough capacity for the water), I remembered that while surfing for green inspiration and eco tips, found a website where there was an idea on how to reuse a shampoo bottle to extend the faucet and since my tap is very close to the wall the bucket doesn’t really fit. so with this method I could properly place a bucket underneath so that the water can be stored there and then be reused to flush the toilette or something while the plumber comes and properly fixes the leaking. The tutorial I mentioned originally is to extend the faucet so that kids can reach the water to wash their hands, which is also very convenient!

I found it so satisfactory and great how a big issue (because I noticed there were 10L of water a day wasted with that leaking, 10L!!!) had such an easy temporary solution (I write it in bold because the ideal solution is to fix properly the leaking wherever you find it). So, here are the steps of this super idea. I practically followed the steps from Cheerios & Lattes tutorial:

I hope you find this idea useful and inspiring!