How micromobility is disrupting car travel [Infographic]

How micromobility is disrupting car travel [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Has your city caught onto the electric scooter craze? Collectively known as shared micromobility, these new transportation trends offer alternative ways to travel short distances. For many metropolitan areas, e-scooter adoption does come with its share of risks that need to be minimized.

For a closer look at how micromobility is disrupting car travel and how it may evolve in the future, check out our infographic below.

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Can E-bikes help the Environment? [Infographic]

Can E-bikes help the Environment? [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Using an e-bike regularly could have a positive impact towards fighting climate change

  • After only 1,000km an e-bike would offset all carbon emissions produced by its production
  • 89.5 million tonnes of CO2 is produced by road travel per year, whereas e-bikes produce none
  • Built-in battery packs on modern e-bikes can take you 257 laps of an Olympic track

Utilising data from The Department for Transport**, an infographic has been created that looks at total greenhouse gas emissions produced by standard modes of transport versus e-bikes. This is in a bid to encourage people to think about the environment and their role in helping it.

Commissioned by cycling specialists, Cycle Republic, the infographic highlights that if sustainably produced electricity is used for the manufacturing of e-bikes, they will emit almost zero CO2 and produce very little noise whilst on the road.

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