Reusing CD/DVD cases

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If you wish to recycle the plastic cases, it might be a bit tough. These are #6 plastic (polystyrene), which may be recyclable where you live — be sure to check with your local authorities. Since #6 is not wildly popular, a better bet might be one of several outfits around your country that will recycle these items for you; generally your costs are just for shipping. Check out GreenDisk, which takes all manner of “technotrash,” from iPods to X-rays; CD Recycling Center of America, which has several locations around the country; and CD Recycling Central based in California, which recycles other e-waste items too.

What happens to your CD cases when you send them off this way? According to Earth 911, they are simply recycled into new plastic items, which we hope will be useful to someone — and then eventually recycled again.

You could also contact your local library to ask whether they need any replacement cases — I see from many discussions online that library patrons are wild and reckless, and CD cases often come back smashed. Many people also recommend posting the cases on a site such as Craigslist or Freecycle. One man’s trash, and all that.

Other option is to reuse/repurpose/upcycle them, here some ideas:

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Reusing CDs and DVDs

Updated: June 2021

DO NOT place unwanted discs or packaging in your curbside or town recycling bins. They do not properly recycle CDs and DVDs because they are #7 plastic.

Each year, billions of CDs and DVDs are manufactured, while millions of these discs end up in landfills and incinerators. If you use, sell, promote, distribute, or manufacture compact discs, it is your responsibility to promote how to recycle them. Compacts Discs, when recycled properly, will stop unnecessary pollution, conserve natural resources, and help slow global warming. Spread the word to help us save the world we all live in.

When not recycled properly, discs will last forever in a landfill or emit harmful gases into the atmosphere from an incinerator. Out of the billions of CDs and DVDs manufactured each year, millions will end up in landfills and incinerators. If you use, sell, promote, distribute, or manufacture compact discs, let us help you recycle them.

Plastic discs are made from oil. Recycling your discs saves oil and conserves natural resources, while turning them back into something useful.

Before throwing away a CD or DVD please inform yourself where can you drop them, nowadays there are shops where you can bring your items such as batteries, cables, lightbulbs or discs and they take care of them. If you live in the USA, consider recycling your discs in CD Recycling Center of America.

If you CD has scratches, click on the following picture to learn how to Repair a CD with Toothaste:

Repurpose CDs and DVDs | ecogreenlove
How to Repair a CD With Toothpaste

If not, then take a look to this vast ideas to reuse/upcycle them, hope you find them inspirational 🙂

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