Cost-Efficient Ways to make your Home more Eco-Friendly [Infographic]

Originally Published on Huffington Post

Let’s face it: Reducing your home’s negative impact on the planet will likely require a huge amount of work.

But solar panels and temperature-regulating walls aren’t the only ways to help your household adopt more eco-friendly practices. There are a ton of easy — and fun — ways to conserve energy.

Luckily for us, UK-based magazine Good To Be Home has some clever ideas on other ways to do it.

15 Household items you can Stop Buying today (just DIY!)



DRAIN CLEANER: Stop seeing your $$$ go down the drain.

Designerssweetspot / Via

Clear clogged drains with simple stuff from your baking cupboard.


LAUNDRY SOFTENER: Softer on your wallet.

Soften your laundry and make it smell great with only 3 basic ingredients.


COOKING SPRAY: Don’t wait olive your life for an inexpensive healthy alternative to Pam.

The Gardening Cook / Via

Brew up a batch of olive oil no-stick cooking spray.