Consumer Items Being Banned to Save the Planet [Infographic]

7 Consumer Items Being Banned Around the World to Save the Planet [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Modern life can be chaotic, so it’s no wonder that science and commerce have teamed up to provide us with no-fuss products to help the day pass smoothly. Unfortunately, the environmental toll of some of these innovations can be enormous. It’s no wonder that eco-conscious governments and municipalities are using legislation to temper the damage we’re inflicting on our planet.

In Europe, banned items range from the mundane to the ridiculous: guidelines set by the EU have made high-powered (and underperforming) vacuum cleaners a thing of the past, while the French have outlawed the farming of domestic frog legs. Bangladesh was the first nation to ban plastic shopping bags, way back in 2002.

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Reusing Nespresso capsules

20+ Creative Ways to repurpose Nespresso capsules | ecogreenlove

[Update: July 2017]


Creative ways to Repurpose Nespresso coffee capsules | ecogreenlove
Recycled music instrument for kids with coffee capsules
Reusing Nespresso capsules | ecogreenlove
Nespresso owl pendant
Reusing Nespresso capsules | ecogreenlove
Nespresso courtain

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