Beach Clean-up

On this video from globe trotter Louis Cole, kindly sponsored by Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue, he and his team while being in L.A., pick up some litter on the beach.

Show us how you’re keeping our planet clean by sharing a videos of you cleaning up trash and tagging #BeachRescue. If you want to join the Project this summer, visit to find an event near you!


A Sea Full of Trash – Tackling the Plastic Problem [Infographic]

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Beyond the landfills and trash heaps moldering in almost every town and city across the globe, manmade garbage has found its way into the natural landscape on a mind-boggling scale. It seems as though there are virtually no places left on Earth free of our rubbish. Junk can be found everywhere – from the bellies of animals and the tissues of our own bodies to the world’s vast oceans.

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