Recipe: Homemade Guacamole with Parsley Tostadas

IMG_5118.PNGWatch the recipe for Authentic Guacamole here and for Basic Tortillas here

Eat Good, Feel Good!

*I was playing with my waffle iron and came up with the idea of making tortillas with it and turned them into tostadas without frying them 😉

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Recipe: Chorizo and Rucola pastry roulés

IMG_4482.PNGGet the Original Recipe here (in French)

Eat Good, Feel Good!
Bon Appétit

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Recipe: Homemade Baguette from scratch with Tomato-Basil Pesto & cream cheese

IMG_4415.PNGGet the Original Recipe for the Baguette here, for the Tomato Pesto here* and for a basic Basil Pesto here

Still harvesting my Basil from the balcony garden, and now to enjoy it in pesto on my first homemade baguette. I feel satisfied… and hungry!

Eat Good, Feel Good!
Homemade tastes better

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Recipe: Pear and Apple Crisp

20140718-145312-53592757.jpgRead the Original Recipe here

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