Upcycled Valentine’s Cards

Upcycled Valentine's Cards | ecogreenlove

I have been in a penpal group already for almost two years and this has been a great opportunity for me to put my upcycling into action (and use up all the material I’ve been not throwing away from the times before we adopted a zero waste lifestyle, or at least we have tried to). So, in this post I’ll show you the cards I made for my snail mail, as simple as they may look, they were all made with ecogreenlove. Also, I have included some cute Etsy ideas at the end.

💚 If you’re into this, take a look to DIY: Upcycled Valentine’s Day gifts ideas or the video tutorials.

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DIY: Recycled Christmas Cards

DIY: Recycled Christmas Cards | ecogreenlove

Hi everybody! Thank you for passing by 🙂

This week I’ve been in a crafty mood. I made my own recycled paper (more like cardboard 😂) to send some Christmas handmade cards for my penpals and friends reusing scraps from materials I had (below each photo I leave you the link to where I got the idea from with the tutorial). I’m not the great crafter, but I like how rustic these cards look thanks to the materials I used (and my clumsiness 😛 ). Also, they are easy and may be a fun activity to make with kids.

Hope you get inspired!

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DIY: Toilet paper roll educational organizer

If you have no idea what to do with those simple toilet paper rolls, there are plenty of ideas on internet or on Recyclart. My idea is simple and easy, I came up with it while I was studying german and I needed a system to have my new words sorted to learn them.

It’s so easy! just have to cut through the cardboard (vertically) to open the roll and either paste it or screw it on the wall, and there it is, a mini shelf for your notes. Could work for anything light weighted you need to organize. Hope you like it and inspire you to make more complicated things reusing this simple material we all have at home 😉

DIY: Tap/Faucet Extension

A while ago I noticed the faucet of the bath had a leak. After calling the plumber I used a juice carton box with some thread hanging from the faucet, but since the dropping was quite often (and the carton didn’t have enough capacity for the water), I remembered that while surfing for green inspiration and eco tips, found a website where there was an idea on how to reuse a shampoo bottle to extend the faucet and since my tap is very close to the wall the bucket doesn’t really fit. so with this method I could properly place a bucket underneath so that the water can be stored there and then be reused to flush the toilette or something while the plumber comes and properly fixes the leaking. The tutorial I mentioned originally is to extend the faucet so that kids can reach the water to wash their hands, which is also very convenient!

I found it so satisfactory and great how a big issue (because I noticed there were 10L of water a day wasted with that leaking, 10L!!!) had such an easy temporary solution (I write it in bold because the ideal solution is to fix properly the leaking wherever you find it). So, here are the steps of this super idea. I practically followed the steps from Cheerios & Lattes tutorial:

I hope you find this idea useful and inspiring!