Reblogged: Silicone in a Zero Waste life

Original from “What’s the Deal with Silicone?
by Ange from My Minimalist Baby

“Silicone is a frequent plastic replacement. For those people trying to live more closed-loop or zero waste lifestyle, then silicone things often come up as alternatives to plastic. Silicone has a lot of similar properties and feel to plastic, and actually some better properties for certain functions too. I personally have a reusable coffee cup with a silicone lid, a silicone menstrual cup, silicone cupcake wrappers, a lid sealer in my ‘plastic free’ glass drink bottle and some silicone covered kitchen utensils.”

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Package Free shop @Heidelberg

Thanks to fellow green blogger Wasteland Rebel because she provides a list of Package Free shops in Germany and Austria. And I got to find one exactly in Heidelberg (right where we live) that I wasn’t aware of! Now I buy most of my grains, nuts, pasta and other dry goods there!

If you live near Heidelberg and you are interested, visit Annas Unverpacktes:
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Signs of Spring

Some snapshots from my last two morning walks: cloudy rainy days, rainbow and sunny moments showing the colorful “Krokus” flowers which are the sign in Germany of Spring coming, in theory Winter is over, but temperatures seem to drop a little bit again in Heidelberg. Hope you like them and let me know how is at the moment at your side? 💚

Reusable birdfeeders… but there’s still plastic

Two weekends ago we were on our way to meet some friends, and we saw many of the seeds that can be store-bought to hang on the branches of the trees for the birds to eat during winter. Most of them are inside of a plastic net so the birds can eat it but what is left is still hanging. I took a picture of it (right side) and I took also a picture of a bird feeder or at least looks like a seed balls hanger, which is good, you can reuse it, right? But when looking closely, I realised the seeds that were inside had still the net. So what’s the point?

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