Top Tips to Fight Food Waste [Visual]

Top Tips to Fight Food Waste [Visual] | ecogreenlove

Did you know, one third* of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally? Food waste is central to some of the key challenges facing the world today, including hunger and poverty, climate change, health and wellbeing and the sustainability of agriculture and oceans.

Wasting food is also a waste of the energy to grow, harvest, process and cook, and food waste in landfill can cause methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas.

*Source: World Food Programme

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Earth Day: Invest in our Planet

Earth Day: Invest in our Planet | ecogreenlove

Every April 22nd, stakeholders of all backgrounds come together to advance sustainability and climate action in commemoration of Earth Day.

This Earth Day’s theme #InvestInOurPlanet highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. Investing in our planet is necessary to protect it and the best way to pave a path towards a prosperous future.

As citizens, we have the power and duty to make our voices heard. What each of us does and how we do it has a massive ripple effect on our ecosystems, as well as the pace of corporate and government action.

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Endometriosis Facts [Infographic]

Endometriosis Facts [Infographic] | ecogreenlove

Endometriosis continues to significantly impact the lives of so many, yet across the globe so little is being done to tackle it. Endometriosis is a common condition, impacting 1 in 10 women, but many people have still not heard of it. This March along with many others we set about increasing awareness of the condition. Education is the most powerful weapon in creating change!

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8 Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Hacks + Visual

8 Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Hacks | ecogreenlove

Changing habits can be hard — but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle but don’t know where to start, take baby steps. These eight easy hacks can get you on the right path to live a more eco-friendly life. 

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