Kamikatsu, Japan – Zero Waste town [Video]

“Since 2003, in Kamikatsu, Japan has a new, rigorous recycling program – perhaps the most rigorous in the world.”

Watch this inspirational video, and follow the example at home. Small changes lead to a Big difference! ๐Ÿ’š


What does zero waste mean?

“When industry talks about ‘zero waste’, the goal is to send nothing besides hazardous waste to landfill. To achieve this, materials that previously would have been thrown away are recycled, repurposed or even designed out from the beginning. Simple enough. But is that what actually happens and do consumers even care?” โ€“ Sarah LaBrecque

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Tackling the Packaging Waste Problem [Infographic]

We live in an absurd age where a packet of crisps can have seven layers of wrapping. It isnโ€™t beyond humanity to solve it. We should create less waste to begin with. Here are 5 simple ways to tackle the packaging problem yourself.


Plastic Waste Footprint [Infographic]

You can do much more than just carrying your own bag when shopping for groceries. We need a change in our consumer behaviour: We need to ditch the disposable, single-use items.

Food Waste [Video]

Hi guys! This last couple of weeks I have been with a low immune system, thus the lack of posts lately, but I wanted to share this with you.

I stumbled upon this video and is never enough when we publish something about food waste.

But then I realised, that to begin with, we as bloggers trying to spread the message that food waste it is a big deal everywhere (from supermarkets to restaurants and even in our own home) and that we should value the things are grown to supply one of our very basic needs, but we also fall in the trap of choosing the perfectly esthetic tomato to appear on our recipe blog or the perfect look in our finished recipe to make it look yummier and that way the visitors want to make the recipe as well. What if show the real blemishes on out fruits and vegs that we use for our own recipes? Why do most people discard the brown banana because they think is “spoiled” when is perfectly fine and even sweeter! is the best flavour from a banana not only to make banana cake but to add it to our cereal as well!

Tell us what you think, in which ways do we, as bloggers or general food consumers, we discard food from our photos (maybe not from our kitchen) to embellish them. What are the micro food waste we still have from growing in big cities eating and buying food from grocery stores and not from farmer’s markets?

Have a great day and don’t toss that banana yet!

Eat Good, Feel Good ๐Ÿ