Can we fight it all? Zero Waste, Plastic-Free, Consumerism & Food Waste

Lately we have been struggling to take the “right” decisions. This year we started, together as a couple, the commitment to reduce our plastic consumption as much as we can, but to reduce food waste as well. These last two weeks we noticed the trouble of taking decisions because, apparently, we haven’t got the perfect way to achieve both goals at the same time in some cases.


Reblogged: Silicone in a Zero Waste life

Nowadays, we all have something made with silicone: baking forms, lids, toys, menstrual cups… For us who want to try to live plastic-free and reduce our amount of waste, is kind of an issue because, to be honest, we can’t be 100% plastic free… not in our days when plastic is everywhere. And now silicone offers an alternative use (still chemically made) but with some differences to plastic. In the end, what is 100% natural?

But how we use those items and this material, is up to us, specially for how long.

This is an article that Ange, from My Minimalist Baby, wrote a few days ago, and we share it with you guys.

Hope you let us know your opinions about it. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you avoid silicone items at home as well? What are your thoughts?

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Kamikatsu, Japan – Zero Waste town [Video]

“Since 2003, in Kamikatsu, Japan has a new, rigorous recycling program – perhaps the most rigorous in the world.”

Watch this inspirational video, and follow the example at home. Small changes lead to a Big difference! 💚

What does zero waste mean?

“When industry talks about ‘zero waste’, the goal is to send nothing besides hazardous waste to landfill. To achieve this, materials that previously would have been thrown away are recycled, repurposed or even designed out from the beginning. Simple enough. But is that what actually happens and do consumers even care?” – Sarah LaBrecque

Read the full original article on Guardian Sustainable Business

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Tackling the Packaging Waste Problem [Infographic]

We live in an absurd age where a packet of crisps can have seven layers of wrapping. It isn’t beyond humanity to solve it. We should create less waste to begin with. Here are 5 simple ways to tackle the packaging problem yourself.