Reusing Fabric Scraps [Videos]

Got fabric scraps? Don’t throw them! you can patch or reconstruct a garment, use them as filling or make something completely new and functional 💚


Reusing Old Curtains

Do you have leftovers or scraps from your curtains? Or you don’t use them anymore but the fabric or design is too pretty to waste it away? There are plenty of ideas to repurpose all kinds of curtains, check them out below and get inspired! 💚


Reusing Old Belts

For all the old items, which are no longer in use, throwing away is never a wise way. There are lots of ideas for reusing old belts into useful, stylish, handmade goods or interesting home decorations, rather than throwing them away.

Check out these creative and functional ideas! 💚


Reusing Pringles cans

The Recycling Association named Pringles tubes as the biggest villain among a list of products that pose the biggest challenges to reuse and recycle.

For that reason, we have collected many ideas to repurpose this mixed materials chips tubes you can do yourself.